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Tools & Software

Welcome to the Tools & Software page of BioInfosis, where we highlight the cutting-edge tools and software we have developed to help accelerate bioinformatics research and development.

At BioInfosis, we understand the importance of having access to reliable, efficient, and user-friendly tools and software to help researchers make sense of complex biological data. That's why we have developed a suite of tools and software that are designed to streamline data analysis, improve accuracy, and accelerate scientific discovery. Some of our most popular tools and software include:

Graphic Designing

BioInfosis Genome Explorer (BGE):

BGE is a comprehensive genome analysis platform that provides an intuitive interface for genome assembly, annotation, and analysis. With BGE, researchers can easily explore and analyze genomic data, identify potential variants, and generate high-quality annotations.

BioInfosis Drug Discovery Suite (BDDS)

BDDS is a suite of tools and software that is designed to help accelerate the drug discovery process. BDDS includes molecular docking tools, protein-ligand binding prediction software, and drug target identification tools that can help researchers identify potential drug targets and optimize lead compounds.

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