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Our Work

Welcome to the Projects page of BioInfosis, where we showcase some of our most exciting and impactful projects in the field of bioinformatics. At BioInfosis, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions to help advance scientific discovery and improve human health. Our projects span a range of applications, from genome analysis and drug discovery to personalized medicine and clinical research. Some of our recent projects include:



Genomic Analysis for Complex Diseases:

We worked with a leading research institution to develop a genomic analysis pipeline for identifying potential disease-causing variants in patients with complex diseases such as cancer and neurodegeneration. Our pipeline integrates multiple tools and databases to provide a comprehensive analysis of genomic data, helping clinicians and researchers make more accurate diagnoses and develop targeted therapies.


Drug Target Identification and drug development for Cancer

We collaborated with a biotech company to identify potential drug targets for a novel cancer therapy. Using a combination of protein structure prediction and molecular docking techniques, we identified several promising targets and provided insights into the mechanism of action of the therapy.

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Image by Luke Chesser


Personalized Medicine for Cardiovascular Disease

We partnered with a healthcare provider to develop a personalized medicine platform for patients with cardiovascular disease. Our platform integrates genomic and clinical data to provide tailored treatment recommendations based on each patient's unique genetic profile and disease history.


Other Projects

At BioInfosis, we are committed to delivering high-quality projects that have a positive impact on society. We are always seeking new partnerships and collaborations to help advance scientific discovery and improve human health. If you have a project idea or would like to learn more about our capabilities, please contact us today.

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Interested in joining us?

We are always seeking talented researchers to join our team, from master’s trainees to graduate students to postdocs. If you are interested in joining us, please send an email with your CV to

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